Click the image to be directed to  https://www.vanderbilt.edu/

Click the image to be directed to https://www.vanderbilt.edu/

When Vanderbilt’s College of Arts and Science (CAS) launched a website redesign, we were retained to audit and evaluate content in light of the school’s strategic goals. Working with the dean’s office, university marketing, and selected faculty, we interviewed key stakeholders throughout CAS to better understand the needs of their prospective audiences. We then recommended changes to site architecture and design to highlight faculty research, attract prospective students, and allow easier access to important documents. Finally, we wrote new content for the entire CAS site, including overviews, diversity and inclusion, academics, FAQs, faculty, and department pages.

The result was a friendlier, more accessible, and more impressive presentation—one that supported the university’s stellar brand and reputation rather than diluting it. Our content has since been repurposed into print materials, newsletters, and university publications.