Click the image to be directed to  https://www.bsfllp.com/

Click the image to be directed to https://www.bsfllp.com/

Boies Schiller Flexner (BSF) is a litigation powerhouse with a history of extraordinary wins. But their website was visually and textually outdated, staking no claim in the precedent-setting territory carved out by their success.

DGA came on board to tackle the challenge. After conducting stakeholder interviews and a competitive analysis, we developed strategic brand positioning that highlighted the firm’s work through clear, concise, powerful messaging. BSF also worked with Decker Design, who created a new look and feel for the site modeled after innovation-driven technology companies.

 With brand and visual frameworks in hand, we turned to content. Existing website text was overlong and imprecise; we restructured, rewrote, and trimmed to complement the new user-friendly mobile experience and accent the firm’s key differentiators. The bold, contemporary voice we created for firm pages, practice descriptions, and selected biographies reflects the firm’s groundbreaking accomplishments, from arguing marriage equality before the U.S. Supreme Court to opening new markets in space.

 Since the site relaunched, the firm has seen a 31 percent increase in visits and a 20 percent increase in average visit length.